Terms & Conditions

The customer account (Buyer), of all invoices from Epoch Tech Solutions LLC (Seller), including all Estimates from Epoch Tech Solutions LLC are subject to all the Terms and Conditions included herein. The customer consents to the Terms and Conditions included herein by signing and initialing the Quote herein.


Terms are net 30 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise specified by the Seller.

Payments must be made by Cash, Company Check, Certified check, Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express. All payment amounts are denominated in US dollars.

Invoices not paid within net 30 days from the date of invoice are considered past due and the account is no longer open and will be placed “On Hold”.  Services for “On Hold” accounts, will be required payments upfront unless prior authorization is made by the Seller. No Loyalty discounts will apply until the account balance is current.

If any payment owed to the Seller is not paid when due, the Seller reserves the right to charge the Customer a late payment fee of 2% of the total invoice amount, or such amounts permitted under applicable law.

Debts deemed uncollectible by the Seller will be turned to a collection agency and the Customer will be responsible for all charges incurred.  The Buyer shall be liable for all expenses, including attorney’s fees, relating to the collection of past due amounts.  The Buyer will pay the Seller any collection fees and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the Seller enforcing the agreement or defending against any claiming for breach of this agreement.

Disputes related to an invoice from the Seller must be made within Forty-five (45) days of the invoice date. After 60 days, all invoices are final.


Unless otherwise specified on the invoice, no exercise, manufacturers, sales, or use taxes, charges, or duties are included. The Buyer will pay all such taxes, charges, and duties specified on the invoice.


Epoch Tech Solutions LLC will honor a fifteen (15) day return policy for new Parts, which have not been used, and are in new condition, with an original invoice. A Credit will be issued for these returned items, less any discounts taken at the time of purchase, less any shipping costs, and less a 10% return fee. The Buyer agrees if all account Credits have not been used within 1 year from the date of the given return will be forfeited.

Parts and Equipment must be prepaid. Epoch Tech Solutions LLC reserves the right to deny the return of any part or equipment at its sole discretion.


For all new parts and equipment, the warranty period is limited to thirty (15) days from the date of sale.  The warranty period on each new part furnished by Epoch Tech Solutions LLC in fulfillment of a warranty shall be for the unexpired portion of the original warranty period on the part or equipment replaced.  The Seller will honor any approved manufacturer warranty in excess of fifteen (15) days.  The Buyer agrees that used parts are purchased As Is / Here Is and carry no warranty.

1) Epoch Tech Solutions LLC’s total liability arising out of the sale of new equipment and parts, whether under warranty or caused by the negligence of the Seller, any 3rd Party or otherwise, shall be limited to the Seller, any 3rd Party or otherwise repairing or replacing, at the Seller, any 3rd Party or otherwise option any defective equipment or part within the applicable warranty period and found by the Seller, any 3rd Party or otherwise to have been defective, and in no event shall Epoch Tech Solutions LLC be liable for damages of any kind, whether for any injury to persons or property or for any special or consequential damages. The liability of the Seller does not include furnishing (or paying for) any labor such as that required to service, remove or install: to diagnose troubles; to adjust, remove or replace defective equipment or a part, nor does it include any responsibility for transportation expense which is involved.

2) This warranty is contingent upon the installation and use of its equipment under normal operating conditions. The Warranty is Void on parts or equipment: that have been subjected to misuse, accident, or negligent damage; operated under loads, pressures, speeds electrical connections, plumbing, or conditions other than those specified by the Seller, any 3rd Party, or otherwise; operated or repaired with other than genuine replacement parts provided by the Seller, any 3rd Party or otherwise; damaged by fire, flood, vandalism, acts of God, or such other causes beyond the control of Epoch Tech Solutions LLC; altered or repaired in any way that affects the reliability or detracts from its performance, or; which have had the identification plate, or serial number, altered, effaced, or removed.

3) No defective part or equipment may be returned to Epoch Tech Solutions LLC, any 3rd Party or otherwise, for repair or replacement without prior authorization from the Seller, any 3rd Party or otherwise. The Buyer shall be responsible for all shipping charges.

4) Epoch Tech Solutions LLC makes no other expressed or implied warranties, statutory or otherwise, concerning the parts or equipment including, without limitation, a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, or a warranty of merchantability. The warranties given above are expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied.

5) Warranty may be denied on parts or equipment not installed by the sole discretion of Epoch Tech Solutions LLC, any 3rd Party, or otherwise.


A written thirty (30) day Cancellation Notice is required via email by the Seller or the Buyer to discontinue specific service or project agreement(s) between both parties. During the thirty (30) day notice, any confidential Buyer account information that is permissibly stored with the Seller will be released to the Buyer and/or destroyed in agreement with the Seller and the Buyer.​